The Sacrament [updated with Horrorpedia review]




The Sacrament is a 2013 American horror thriller film directed by Ti West and produced by Eli Roth. The movie had its world premiere on September 3rd, 2013 at the Venice Film Festival and had a wide theatrical release on May 1, 2014.The movie’s plot takes several elements from real life events such as the Jonestown Massacre of 1978 (previously filmed as Guyana: Crime of the Century aka Guyana: Cult of the Damned).



New York fashion photographer, Patrick (Kentucker Audley, also seen in West’s segment of V/H/S) somewhat reluctantly decides to visit his sister, Caroline (Amy Seimetz, You’re Next), who has lived in a remote, rural commune since her release from a drug rehabilitation centre. Seeing an opportunity for a story, Patrick’s two friends Sam (AJ Bowen, House of the Devil, Hatchet 2) and Jake (Joe Swanberg, V/H/S) who work for Vice Magazine (neat…

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Hotel Inferno




Hotel Inferno is a 2013 action/crime/horror film written, produced and directed by Giulio de Santi.


This will probably be easier if I transcribe the film’s description direct from their website:

“The contract killer Frank Zimosa has just been hired for a ridiculously lucrative mission by the rich and powerful Jorge Mistrandia. The objective: to kill a couple of people hiding in one of his European hotels. What would look like one of the simplest jobs Frank has ever had is just about to turn into a living nightmare. He will soon realize he’s nothing more than prey for Mistrandia and his army of crazy henchmen that have hiding in the hotel along with an ancient and unstoppable Horror. In their hotels you can only rent rooms….in Hell! See everything through the eyes of the anti-hero Frank Zimosa and boost your mind with an overdose of: nonstop violence, adrenaline, and pure…

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